A government owned and controlled corporation under the supervision of the Local Water Utilities Administration.


The Municipality of Zarraga has an existing water system constructed by then Bureau of Public Works (BPW) in 1977. In 1978, the Municipal Government started operating the system serving the few residents of Poblacion and portion of Barangay Malunang. The original system was composed of a 95 cu. M. elevated concrete reservoir, a pump station with 3 lps capacity diesel engine driven centrifugal pump and about 2.5 k of GI distribution pipelines.

The Water District was formed on October 5, 1990, and was issued a Conditional Certificate of Conformance (CCC) on February 4, 1992, with registry number 508. It then assumed operation and control over the system. However, the Water district was not able to render efficient service due to frequent breakdowns of pumping equipment. In 1994, the Municipal Government was compelled, through a municipal council resolution, to take back the system and to operate it again.

In the second quarter of 1995, the newly elected officials of Zarraga initiated and reconstituted the Water District with the appointment of a new set of Board of Directors. With a pursued determination to alleviate the water supply situation in Zarraga, The new Board of Directors relentlessly campaigned to raise funds for the implementation of the project. The efforts of the Board of Directors paid off when the politicians favorable responded to the Water District’s appeal for inclusion in the Congressional Initiative Fund (CIF). In 1995 and 1996, Congressman Lopez and Senator Drilon respectively allocated a total of P 1.00 M for the improvement of the water supply system of Zarraga. The Gines Well was drilled through this fund but unfortunately, it was unproductive, so it was abandoned.

As the primary rationale of a water district to provide 24 hours a day quality and quantity potable water to the Municipality covered, manage and protect water sources and will sustain development through sufficient quality and quantity of water to the beneficial users, in the year 1999, the Water District was able to avail a loan of P 2.54 from LWUA. The following components were included in the said loan:

a) Pipelines of 8.0 km in length;
b) Rehabilitation of the existing elevated concrete reservoir;
c) Drilling of Talibong Well;
d) Land Acquisition of Talibong pumping station, and;
d) Pumping facilities of Talibong Well.

In 2000, again Zarraga Water District availed another grant of P 300,000,00 from Lingap Fund for the development of shallow well in Brgy. Gines about 300 m from the abandoned well.

In the year 2003, LWUA has approved a loan of P 11,710,000.00 using KfW Funds. This was used in expansion of distribution lines, construction of a storage facility, exploration of a well in Dawis Centro and construction of its pumping station. It was finished on the first quarter of 2006. Year 2009, another loan from LWUA was released to the District in the amount of P5,000,000.00. Out of this budget, additional wells were constructed, complete with pump houses and pumping facilities located at Brgy. Gines and filtration systems of all pumping stations were installed. Presently, ZWD is serving seventeen baragays of Zarraga, including six subdivisions, one barangay in Sta. Barbara and one barangay in Pototan with one thousand seven hundred thirty nine concessionaires. To augment water supply to these population, five pumping stations are operating simultaneously within 24 hours.

The management of Zarraga Water District is composed of five-member Board Director and the General Manager. The Water District has eleven personnel running the system, 8 of which are permanent employees and the rest are on a job order basis.

With the brainchild of the Management and Staff together with the Board of Directors in becoming a sound and viable Category C Water District by year 2018, provider of quality and quantity water at affordable price to improve the socio-economic standard of living of both rural and urban communities covered and to be God-fearing, fully developed, peaceful, and responsive public service entity in the whole of Second District of Iloilo, the Zarraga Water District embark on a 15-year Bulk Water Supply Project to augment the needs of the Municipality’s fast growing economy.

Last June of 2014, through the initiatives of its present Board of Directors and abiding with its mandate to provide water in its service area, Sitio Bliss of Barangay Jalaud Norte was served totally.

In August of 2015, in anticipation of the prolonged drought which will be caused by El Niño Phenomenon, it was decided abruptly to expand the services of the District to Barangay Pajo. 1.70 kilometers of 2” pipelines was laid.